New and Used: Ag Bag, Pronovost, Anderson, Richiger


Golden Hills Sales offers the complete Ag Bag line including repair parts for all Ag Bag models. We alos stock plastic for all your feed storage needs. Golden Hills dealership also includes Pronovost bale tubing, Anderson bale wrapping, and Richiger whole grain bagging and unloading.


Golden Hills sells all Ag-Bag products. We have new and used equipment in stock.


Pronovost has acquired a solid reputation over the years based on trust and the quality of its products both in the agricultural and industrial markets.


High performance bale wrappers offer full range of features for efficient high speed wrapping.


Golden Hills now offers Richiger whole grain baggers and unloaders. We have new and used models. Ask about our locations that offer rental equipment.

Used Equipment

We feature a wide variety of equipment, priced very competitively. View used equipment…